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Onara Goro


3min with 13 episodes
2016.7.3 -

#08 Meet Dr.Onara Goro

Dr.Onara Goro was the best surgeon among Onaras.
One day at his hospital, carried in a seriously conditioned man.
"Hang in there! I'll save you!" Bringing him into the ER, Dr.Onara Goro was determined to save the man.
But, when Dr.Onara Goro arrived to the ER, the head of the hospital stopped him, and ordered him to take another patient who was VIP to the hospital, a local influential member of the Diet.
However, going against his order, Dr.Onara Goro chose to operate on the man.
The operation was the difficult case, but Dr. Onara Goro miraculously treated him with the "Onara Therapy".
After the surgery, Dr.Onara Goro's position was threatened by the head of the hospital for disobeying his order.
Will Dr.Onara Goro's deeds see a good outcome…?