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Dad's War-Lessons from Battleship Musashi's Deck Officer-


"Warship-Musashi" is a nonfiction novel that was written based on many testimonies from those involved in the construction as well as those who survived the sinking Musashi.
One of the witnesses is Haruo Nomura - my dad. Born in 1921, he graduated from Naval Academy and boarded the battleship Musashi. But he passed away 6 years ago without ever telling our family about the war. Through the novel "Warship-Musashi", we eventually learned about his life and how he survived. Moreover, we also discovered that over 25 hours of his testimonies had been voice recorded. Why did he pass away without telling us anything?
Based on many interviews, research, and testimonies,
I followed up on what happened during my dad's war.

Battleship Musashi

Legendary Battleship Yamato's sister ship – Battleship Musashi was built at Mitsubishi Shipyard in Nagasaki. Her construction began here in 1938, and completed in August of 1942.
At 263 meters in length, 38.9 meters in width, standard displacing 64,000 tons, arming nine 46 centimeter caliber main guns, and carrying 2,399 crews, she was the largest and most powerful battleship in the world. In October 1944, by the bomb hits from US Carrier-based aircraft, she sunk in the Sibuyan Sea in Philippines. At the sunk, 1,023 lives were lost.
In March 2015, her wreck was found in one thousand meters beneath Sibuyan Sea.