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Love Stories from Fukuoka 8


60min with 1 episode
2013.3.22.-(Aired once a year)

Meg and Ai-kun

Itsuki Akiyoshi (Ryota Ozawa) is obsessed with the memory of a woman he cannot forget, although he has a girlfriend, Sae (Yuki Kashiwagi). When Sae tells him that she is pregnant, Itsuki abruptly begins to talk about the woman.
Three years ago, Itsuki, dreaming to open a restaurant, moved to Yanagawa City to work at a tavern as a cook. Having few acquaintances there, his senior introduced him to a woman, Megumi (ICONIQ), three years older than Itsuki. Megumi was a stunning beauty, and he fell in love with her at first sight. Itsuki was invited on a date by her. They called each other "Megu" and "Ai-kun," and gradually nurtured their relationship.
However, Megumi behaved as if some part of her refused to be Itsuki's girlfriend. In fact, Megumi had a secret that she could not tell him. What is Megumi' s secret? Why does Itsuki begin to tell such a story all of a sudden? And how does Sae feel? Itsuki, Megumi and Sae?the three hearts overflow with agony.