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Love Stories from Fukuoka 12


50min with 1 episode
2017.3.24.-(Aired once a year)

My teacher & nerd me

Mizuki(Nanami Sakuraba) is just an ordinary girl who finds happiness in her ordinary life, working at local publisher, busy with after-five blind dates.
But it was not all of her life…the real herself.
The real Mizuki was shy, unsociable, and a nerd who likes to stay home drawing "Manga"(comics).
In all the world, there was one person who understood about real Mizuki.
It was her high school teacher Kenshi(Ren Kiriyama), known to be the enthusiast, the scariest teacher in school. He was demanding and rough around the edges, but he always reached out to Mizuki when she was alone.

High school teacher and student- there was no sign of romantic spark at that time.

Years after graduating from high school, Muzuki ran into Kenshi.
Muzuki began to see Kenshi time to time, and she realized her feeling towards him, but Kenshi was seeing someone else.
Can an ex-student be allowed to fall in love with a teacher?
Will Mizuki's one-way, genuine love see a happy ending…?