What is 5DAD?

The "5D Archive Dept (5DAD)" project is all about capturing and preserving everyday scenes and cultural aspects in wonderful video images for future generations to see.

5DAD presents video clips from Fukuoka Prefecture, located in the southern island of Kyushu, featuring a five-dimensional perspective that adds the elements of "sound" and "time" to our three-dimensional world.

The video clips open with young performers listening to the sounds of our ancient culture – it could be the clickety-clack of a weaving loom or the sound of swirling water making Japanese paper. The clips go on to showcase dance performances inspired by such sounds, along with precious traditions and cultural aspects that we hope to pass on to the future.

Our cute CGI navigator is Garnet Hibiki, a girl from the future.
From character design to CGI and music, everything is produced by creators from Fukuoka.

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Sometime in the not so distant future, in some regional city in Japan…

The explosive spread of the internet has altered human behavior. People used to remember things relying on their own memory, but with all kinds of information now uploaded to the cloud, we simply reference archive records instead of memorizing details ourselves. The real need to remember no longer exists.

5DAD is the story of the mysterious girl Garnet who shoots videos capturing sounds and sceneries and people's passion to pass them on to future generations as precious moments in time.

Performers are sent out to interact with specific scenes. What kind of five-dimensional images will they produce?
Garnet's journey begins now.

image:5DAD garnet



  • LinQ (derived from "Love in Kyushu") is a pop idol group based in the Kyushu area. Formed in 2011, the group signed with the major record label Warner Music Japan in 2013. The5DAD theme song “Garnet” is included in their first major album titled "AWAKE~LinQ Daini Gakusho."

  • Kyushudanji Shinsengumi is a junior break-dance crew boasting extraordinary skills that could give adults a run for their money. The crew is fascinating audiences with their original acrobatic performances, and the three performers in the video clip are the leader Issei, Yu-ki, and Ryo.

  • Jara is a group of young kagura dance (a type of traditional dance dedicated to the Shinto gods) artists. Formed in 2003, the group is known to explore new expressions while keeping the tradition of Buzen kagura dance alive. For instance, their new piece Amanoiwato Densetsu (Legend of Amanoiwato) is a collaboration with a wadaiko drum group and jazz orchestra. Jaraku is an artist group worth watching out for, entertaining audiences with their many onstage dance performances.

  • Costumed as "maid-café" maids, a girl band, or local pop idols, PellMellDoll can be seen giving a variety of dance performances on the Niconico video-sharing site. The members all come from unique backgrounds and currently also have day jobs. They perform on the internet or at subculture events while navigating the rough waters of corporate life.

  • Airi Yasutake began to learn both tap and jazz dance at the age of 4 from her dance instructor mother. She was later tutored by Shozo Nakano, a pioneering tap dancer with a professional career spanning more than 60 years. At 19, she became a supporting member of Tap Jam Family, a tap dance group based in Fukuoka. She currently studies various dance genres while attending university.

  • The three members of the Dance Club perform a dance called digits that involves distinct movement of their hands and fingers to express the traditional kumiko woodcraft of Okawa City. The group created their "kumiko digits" routine, expressing shape after shape, inspired by the kumiko lattice work combining small wood pieces set in intricate geometric patterns.

Theme Song "Garnet"

The 5DAD theme song "Garnet" is sung by LinQ, Kyushu's local pop idol group. Stressing "What's the most precious thing, I want to confirm again" the lyrics express people’s desire to remember the cultural aspects that should never disappear and reflect on how important they are. The theme song was created by sampling various sounds unique to Fukuoka Prefecture and incorporating them into the music.

  • image:garnet
    LinQ major 1st album「Awake - LinQ Part 2」

GARNET--Lyrics:Hiroko Momochi / Music:SHiNTA VIDEO--3DCG produced by:happyproject / Sound Producer:SHiNTA / CAM:Masayuki Kanadoh(KBCEIZO)/ PD:Kouichi Katsuki(KBCEIZO)/ P:Kazuhiro Katsuki(Kyushu Asahi Broadcasting Co.,Ltd.)